Eligibility for iVF Procedure

Here are some potential criteria for eligibility to benefit from the Foundation:

Age Criteria: IVF success rates decline with age, so we focus on women aged range of 35s to 50s.

Medical Assessment: Some women may need to undergo a medical evaluation to determine their fertility status and whether IVF suits them.

Prior Attempts: Our foundation might consider whether the woman has tried and failed to conceive through natural means or less invasive fertility treatments before considering IVF support.

Financial Need: Given the high cost of IVF treatments, the foundation may prioritize women with limited financial means and a lack of insurance coverage for fertility treatments.

Health Factors: Certain health conditions or medical histories might affect a woman’s eligibility for IVF support. For instance, severe medical conditions that can be exacerbated by pregnancy might be taken into account.

Psychological Evaluation: The emotional and psychological aspects of IVF can be challenging. Our organization requires candidates to undergo counseling or provide evidence of their emotional preparedness for the IVF journey.

Relationship Status: Our foundation considers the woman’s relationship status, including whether she is married with a stable spouse or single.

Commitment to Process: IVF can be a time-consuming and demanding process. Candidates must demonstrate their commitment to following the treatment protocols and attending appointments.

Ethical Considerations: Ethical guidelines or considerations for candidates, ensuring that the support aligns with values and mission.
It’s essential to note that the organization sets the criteria to ensure responsible and equitable allocation of resources. If you or someone you know is interested in seeking support from our foundation, it’s best to refer such a person for proper guidelines and financial support or visit our official website or contact us for the application process.