Budget and assistance


Estimated cost for each couple’s IVF procedure is approximately two million naira (#2m). We will sincerely appreciate any amount of support you can provide. Thank you in advance, and may God bless you abundantly.

“Assisting about 10 or more Delayed Women Annually in Achieving their Motherhood Dreams through IVF Procedures is our target depending on the Fund available.”


Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation is seeking support in the following areas:

  1. Funds: Financial contributions are crucial to providing financial assistance to less privileged women in need of IVF treatment. Your support will help cover the costs of medical procedures, medications, and related expenses.

  2. Logistics: The foundation requires logistical support, such as vehicles, to conduct enlightening campaigns on women’s reproductive health. These campaigns aim to raise awareness about in-vitro fertilization and its benefits. Additionally, establishing offices nationwide will allow for greater outreach and accessibility to women seeking information and assistance.

  3. Media/Publicity Materials: To effectively reach and educate a wide audience, the foundation requires media and publicity materials. This includes producing jingles, billboards, TV and radio programs, posters, and handbills. These materials will help spread awareness about IVF and the foundation’s services, reaching women who may be struggling with natural conception.

By supporting Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation in these areas, you can help make a significant difference in the lives of couples longing for parenthood. Your contributions will contribute to raising awareness, providing financial aid, and ultimately bringing hope and joy to those seeking assistance through IVF.

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We are here to support delayed women around the world to experience the joy of motherhood