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helping is our main goal!

We aim to help delayed women in our society to experience the joy of motherhood by assisting them medically and financially to have their own biological child(ren). Though, Motherhood is God's Will, Because HE is the only giver of life, we only care to assist them medically and financially through IVF treatment.

"Successful achievement to motherhood is our pride"

Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation (MIVFF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered under the Laws of Federation to provide financial assistance to women of any tribe or ethnicity who have been struggling to conceive naturally and are unable to afford further assisted reproductive treatments, specifically in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

By financing their motherhood journey through IVF, we aim to be a solution to these women and to achieve our objectives with the support of Almighty God, individuals like you, and other philanthropists in our society. While motherhood is ultimately in the hands of God, we strive to offer medical and financial aid to these women, and our pride lies in their successful achievement of motherhood.


  • To provide financial assistance to less privileged women of any tribe or ethnicity in need of in-vitro fertilization.
  • To raise awareness and educate women, particularly those struggling with natural conception, about the option, use, and benefits of in-vitro fertilization.
    To conduct enlightenment campaigns on women’s reproductive health through various platforms. 
  • To offer welfare services to women of childbearing age in the areas of reproductive health. 
  • To improve the condition of the needy and less privileged members of society through social welfare and philanthropic services. 
  • To collaborate with individuals, corporations, and government bodies to achieve the foundation’s aims and objectives.


Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to married couples who have been trying to conceive naturally for years but cannot afford further assisted reproductive treatments.

We aim to help them experience the joy of parenthood by enabling them to have biological children of their own.


Our vision is to create a society where all couples can experience the profound joy of parenthood and the fulfillment that comes from having their own children. We believe that every individual and couple should have the opportunity to embrace the transformative journey of raising a family.

Through our efforts in supporting in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) treatments, we aim to break down barriers and provide equal access to assisted reproductive technologies. We envision a world where infertility is met with compassion, understanding, and comprehensive support, ensuring that no one feels alone or without hope on their path to parenthood.

By promoting awareness, education, and financial assistance, we strive to empower couples to overcome fertility challenges and realize their dreams of building a loving family. We are dedicated to fostering a society that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of family-building experiences, embracing the beauty and resilience of every individual and their unique journey to parenthood.

Together, let us work towards a future where the happiness of parenthood is accessible to all, and where the gift of having one’s own children becomes a reality for every deserving couple.


We deeply appreciate your prayers and well-wishes. It is our collective mission to support families on their motherhood journey and bring happiness and joy to their lives. We recognize the significance of financial assistance in making this possible, and we are committed to helping as many families as we can.

Your prayers for successful procedures are greatly valued. The journey towards parenthood can be challenging, and positive thoughts and blessings play a significant role in the well-being and success of individuals undergoing IVF treatment. We believe in the power of collective support and positivity.

Together, with your prayers and support, we can make a difference in the lives of these families, bringing smiles to their faces and joy to their hearts. We extend our gratitude to you and express our heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to this cause. May your kindness and generosity be rewarded, and may all families experience the joy of parenthood they so deeply desire.


The estimated cost for each couple’s IVF procedure is approximately two million naira  (₦2m). We will deeply appreciate any level of support you can offer. Your generosity is sincerely valued. Thank you in advance, and may you be blessed abundantly.

our aim is to assist about 10 or more women annually in achieving their motherhood dreams through IVF procedures though depending on the funds available.


Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation is seeking support in the following areas:

  1. Funds: Financial contributions are crucial to providing financial assistance to less privileged women in need of IVF treatment. Your support will help cover the costs of medical procedures, medications, and related expenses.

  2. Logistics: The foundation requires logistical support, such as vehicles, to conduct enlightening campaigns on women’s reproductive health. These campaigns aim to raise awareness about in-vitro fertilization and its benefits. Additionally, establishing offices nationwide will allow for greater outreach and accessibility to women seeking information and assistance.

  3. Media/Publicity Materials: To effectively reach and educate a wide audience, the foundation requires media and publicity materials. This includes producing jingles, billboards, TV and radio programs, posters, and handbills. These materials will help spread awareness about IVF and the foundation’s services, reaching women who may be struggling with natural conception.

By supporting Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation in these areas, you can help make a significant difference in the lives of couples longing for parenthood. Your contributions will contribute to raising awareness, providing financial aid, and ultimately bringing hope and joy to those seeking assistance through IVF.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND DONATION                                               

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and generosity towards Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization Foundation. Your contributions are valuable and will make a significant difference in the lives of those longing for the happiness of motherhood.

To make a donation, please find below the foundation’s account details:

Account Name: Motherhood In-Vitro-Fertilization                                                                               Foundation                                                                                                           Bank Name: Access Bank                                                                            Account Number: 1684753604

We sincerely thank you for your willingness to be part of this noble cause. Your philanthropic gestures will bring joy and inspiration to many individuals and families. Your compassion and support are deeply appreciated, and we are grateful for your kindness. Together, we can make dreams of parenthood come true and create a brighter future for all. 

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Global Support for Delayed Women: Fulfilling the Joy of Motherhood Through IVF Treatment